Family – another form of art

They saw each other, they became friends, they fell in love, they got married and they created a beautiful family. In 1980, Vasile and Ana began to write their story together.

Vasile worked at the Archeology Museum in Chisinau and was preparing to enter the Moscow Polygraphic Institute, at the “Graphic Book” faculty while Ana was working at a restaurant in an organization, near that Archeology Museum. He often came to eat there, because the food was tasty, inexpensive and a small queue. Then they met and bonded with each other a beautiful friendship.
Then they met each other and a beautiful friendship begins.

Vasile’s wish was fulfilled and he became a student by correspondence in Moscow. And in the autumn of 1982, Vasile and Ana played the wedding. They had a beautiful wedding, in the country in the tent as it was done in ancient times. The autumn of that year was dry, but at their wedding, it rained all night, a good sign for a happy marriage.

Familia o forma de arta-Vasile Movileanu and Ana Movileanu

In 1983, on March 19, Ana was cooking cabbage rolls, it was Vasile’s birthday. She was pregnant and the labour pain began. They called for an ambulance and in the evening the first daughter came to the world. The girl’s name was given to her by Vasile, they called her Victoria. Four years later, the second daughter, Cristina, was born.

Vasile and Ana Movileanu formed a healthy and beautiful family, based on mutual love and respect. The roles in their family were well divided, the wife was in charge of the housework, looking after the girls and the husband. Also, Vasile was an exemplary husband, a loving father that worked hard, a true pillar of confidence and power. Ana had a passion, she liked to sew at the sewing machine. She made a lot of clothes for the girls. The time they spent together was the most valuable. The holidays were spent in nature, playing chess, collecting mushrooms and of course, Vasile was painting…

“When I was little I had many dreams, however, I did not imagine that the family would influence my adult life so much. I chose the job of the seamstress mother and the painter’s father. Combining painting, decorative art, tailoring and sewing, I became a costume designer, specializing in creating accessories and participating in different exhibitions, ”says Victoria, the eldest daughter.

The ups and downs were part of their lives, but they overcame them by listening, communicating and respecting each other. “Creating a beautiful family is also an art,” said Vasile.

“My father taught me to be responsible, not to be afraid of difficulties, he spoke to me as an adult, I discussed life situations on an equal level, it allowed me to make decisions on my own and this instilled my confidence and courage. My father cultivated my love for books and art, he taught me to observe the beauty in everything around me, he taught me to love people and to value life”, remembers Cristina, the younger daughter.

The years passed, Vasile and Ana became grandparents. Unfortunately, he couldn’t see or hold his grandsons in his arms telling them stories from the books he illustrated. The disease that followed him all his life, defeated him and he left us for a better world, a world without suffering.