“Last year I worked for a month in Sibiu, and my first impression was related to the eyes on the roof of the houses. Houses are as though they are alive, they have a character of theirs only. I saw the city as something very alive, every house with its history. I was interested in the soul and the image of the buildings. ”

Vasile Movileanu

The originality of the paintings lies in the technique used – painting on wet paper that requires rapidity in work – and in the vision of Sibiu, a vision springing from a first meeting with the city from the contact with the new one. Thus, although in his paintings appear the buildings painted again and again by other plastic artists, Vasile Movileanu tries to surprise them from other angles, shadows and warm colours. The pleasure of playing with colours is intrinsic, and their unique combination. Beyond the colour, the paintings show a good designer, also supported by the fact that he graduated from Moscow’s Graphics Faculty and made illustrations for many books combining the writer’s vision with his own.