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… Another valuable genre exploited by the artist is the portrait, where images of people close to the painter have priority. His wife Ana and daughters Victoria and Cristina have always been the favourite models for the artist’s watercolour paintings.

Captured in various situations (Lady on the Calla lilies background, 2005; The seamstress, 2006, 2009), Ana is meditative and concentrated; Victoria and Cristina (Cristina, 2006; Cristina in the mirror, 2008; Daughter Eva-Victoria, 2009), have a typical teenager behaviour.
Among the numerous self-portraits, two have gained our attention – (Self-Portrait with guardian angels and Self-Portrait with Brushes 2009), the first manifesting sentimental nuances and the other containing elements with an obvious dramatic angle of his personal destiny. A particular place in the portraitist cycle is occupied by portraits of aquarellist painters Ion Moraru, Vladimir Smirnov, actor Silviu Fusu and uncle Emilian.

Tudor Stăvilă,
Doctor Habilitate in Arts Study

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Self-portrait. 2009,. Watercolor, 55 x 45 cm

From the collection of National Art Museum of Moldova

Self-portrait with guardian angels. 2009. Watercolor, 55 xn 46 cm

Cristina. 2008. Watercolor. 50 x 60 cm

Daughter Cristina in the mirror. 2008. Watercolor, 50 x 60 cm

Eva Victoria. 2009. Watercolor. 55 x 46 cm

Daughter Victoria. 2006. Watercolor. 340 x 265 mm

Daughter Victoria. 2006. Watercolor, 34 x 26 cm

Victoria. 2009. Watercolor. 55 x 46 cm

Portrait study of wife Ana. 1984

Wife Ana. 2006. Watercolor.

The friends. 2009. Watercolor. 56 x 45 cm

Portrait of Silviu Fusu. 2008. Watercolor.

Portrait of Vladimir Smirnov. 2008. Watercolor.

The portrait of uncle Emilian Petrov. 2009. Watercolor. 55 x 45 cm

Self-portrait. Mixed media.

Self-portrait. 1995. Mixed media, 53 x 45 cm

Portrait of artist Ion Moraru. Pen and ink, 49 x 31 cm

Self-portrait. Pencil drawing.