The Boarding School – my dear school

The Boarding School – my dear school

New autumn arrived, and with it new hope for Vasile to go to school. Now he walked with crutches. After they returned from Saharna, where he followed a rehabilitation treatment, they quickly made their way to Ialoveni, at the school they wanted.

But this time, the director welcomed them happily. Vasile, to impress the director started to show him how well he could walk with the crutches, and show him some tricks he learnt from the kids in Saharna, like walking on his hands or others. But, unfortunately, they were hit by a new blow, Toma Feodorovici Postică told them the year already started and there were no more places… so they had to come next year.

The father and Vasile were true warriors, so they accepted the new challenge. The father founds a teacher for his son and Vasile started to learn at home. The boy learnt how to read and write. He was very capable and he learnt everything easily, they didn’t even notice when a year passed. At the end of May, they went back to the boarding school in Ialoveni. Here surprise, they asked Vasile in what year he wanted to study. The boy was so happy and nervous that he chose to go in year III, even if he knew he wasn’t completely prepared… but he had confidence in his own power.

He liked the school very much. It was big, and on its land, there was a gym, a canteen, and very spacious dorms.
The physical education teacher, Mihail Ștefănucă cultivated their love for sports and moving. Vasile developed a great passion for chess, a game he learnt from some veterans he met at Saharna, and he also played ping pong and other games. They would also go to other regional competitions. He learnt how to play the trumpet and he was part of the fanfare.
There were 17 students in the classroom, and all of them were friends.
Vasile continued his passion – painting, which became his principal activity in life. So, he was named by his peers – the painter of the class. Vasile got used to it quickly and he was very happy.

Vasile photographed next to the artwork he drew at Ialoveni

The life in the boarding school meant a lot of discipline. The morning would start with gymnastics on music, then breakfast, then they would go to class. The teachers were severe, would pay attention to every child, since they wanted to get maximum results from every child. After lessons they would take a break for playing and relaxation, then they would go back to the classroom to start working on homework. Whoever would finish first, they would need to wait in silence until everyone would finish. Vasile would be the first to finish so he would start drawing, but because he didn’t have sheets, he would use the notebook. The homeroom teacher Eugen Taranuha noticed Vasile’s big passion for drawing and decided to support him. After lessons, the teacher gave him an album, some colourful crayons and he would let him into an empty classroom to draw, Vasile was very grateful for such an opportunity.

Boarding school Ialoveni Vasile Movileanu

Classmates and the teacher from boarding school from Ialoveni

That’s how the first year of school finished for Vasile. The big summer holiday started.
Vasile would spend most of his time reading because he couldn’t run around with the other children. He liked reading a lot, considering he would travel everywhere in his imagination, which also helped him become a good story-teller. His peers would make his bed at night because Vasile would tell them different stories on any subject until all of them would fall asleep and lately, he would sleep.

The school in Ialoveni was very dear to him, where he spent his most beautiful years of childhood, and here he also experienced his first love.
Here he built his character, formed a system of priorities which he used daily and thanks to which he would win in the worst situations. Here he also learnt the motto „Life is a fight!”


Dear reader,
I hope you liked The Journal of Vasile Movileanu and you want to discover even more. In the next story, we will bring you stories of love happening between the mates in the boarding school and about Vasile’s first love.

Author: Ana Movileanu