..In the artist’s creation, a particular place is occupied by the children`s books` graphics, this category being rewarded with various prizes at national and international book fairs. From 1991, the painter collaborates in an active manner with publishing houses in Moldova. The illustrations for Adventures of the shah by Mihail Sadoveanu (1994), The bell by L. Granici (1997), Three wonderful stories by Mihail Sadoveanu (1998), but also the images for texts by Grigore Vieru, Spiridon Vangheli, Claudia Partole, demonstrate the skill and soul of a true artist, who surpassed personal situations to the art’s advantage.

Tudor Stăvilă,
Doctor Habilitate in Arts Study

Young naturalist`s school. Anatolii Onegov, ”Literatura Artistică” Publishing House, 1985.
Ink, pen, watercolor.
The story of the blue mountain. ”Literatura Artistică” Publishing House, 1986. Ink, pen.
The golden apple. Valeria Grosu. ”Literatura Artistică” Publishing House, 1989. Watercolor, gouache.
Comes a train with sturdy kids. Emil Nicula. ”Literatura Artistică” Publishing House, 1989. Gouache.
The last mother wolf. Nina Lozan. ”Literatura Artistică” Publishing House, 1990. Watercolor.
Barefoot in the rain. Aurel Ciocanu. ”Literatura Artistică” Publishing House, 1990. Pencil, watercolor, gouache.
Where did Guguţă came from? (Anthology about Spiridon Vangheli’s creation). ”Hyperion” Publishing House, 1990. Ink, watercolor.
Santa Claus comes from the story. Eugen Gheorghiță. ”Hyperion” Publishing House, 1990. Ink, pen, watercolor.
How I taught my boy figures and counting. Grigore Vieru, ”Hyperion” Publishing House, 1991. Monotype, gouache.
At the streams. (Collection of moldovan stories). ”Hyperion” Publishing House, 1991. Pencil, watercolor.
Moldovan folk tales. ”Hyperion” Publishing House, 1991. Pencil, gouache.
Riddle-me-Ree. (Riddles). ”Hyperion” Publishing House, 1992. Ink, pen, watercolor.
Magic Grove. Mihail Sadoveanu. ”Hyperion” Publishing House, 1992. Ink, pen, watercolor.
Alistar prince charming. (Tale). Private Publishing House, 1992. Ink, pen, watercolor.
Polish popular stories. Private Publishing House, 1992. Watercolor.
Adventures of the shah. Mihail Sadoveanu, ”EUS” Publishing House, 1993. Watercolor.
Heroic stories. Eusebiu Camilar, ”Făt-Frumos” Publishing House, 1993. Ink, pen.
Michael the Brave. ”Hyperion” Publishing House, 1993. Ink, pen, watercolor.
Poor puppies, rich puppies. Lydia Ugolini. ”Hyperion” Publishing House, 1993. Ink, pen.
ABC. (Spelling book with english lyrics). ”Șoricelul” Publishing House,, 1994. Ink, pen, watercolor.
The bell. (Book for first graders), Lidia Granac, Vasile Movileanu, Tatiana Guţuţui. ”Iulian” Publishing House, 1996. Ink, pen, watercolor.
The snowdrops’ book. Grigore Vieru. ”Prometeu” Publishing House, 1996. Watercolor, ink, pen.
Merry alphabet. Grigore Vieru.”Prometeu” Publishing House, 1996. Watercolor, ink, pen.
Primary grades tables. ”ARC” Publishing House (SOROS), 1996. Watercolor, ink, pen.
Three wonderful stories. Mihail Sadoveanu. ”Iulian” Publishing House 1997. Watercolor.
Hurry slowly. Claudia Partole. ”Pontos” Publishing House, Chișinău, 2002. Watercolor, ink, pen.
Domestic animals. Silvia Ursache, Claudia Partole. ”Iulian” Publishing House 2004. Watercolor, acrylic.
The necklace with the crying beads. Claudia Partole. UNION FENOSA Group, Chișinău, 2004. Watercolor, ink, pen.
And all the longings. Ana Goreanu. ”Pontos” Publishing House, Chișinău, 2005. Watercolor, gouache.
The secret of words. Ianoș Țurcanu. ”Grafema Libris” Publishing House 2008. Watercolor, ink, pen.

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Vasile Movileanu is a book painter by vocation. Having studied at the prestigious Polygraphic Institute in Moscow, he has mastered the noble profession of book illustrator. He is one of the few artists that accurately perceive the architecture of the book, starting with the cover and ending with the technical box. He owns a vast array of techniques that allow him to find a new graphical vision for each book, fact confirmed by the numerous books illustrated by him. The artist is also active in the easel graphics field, being highly skilled in the watercolour technique.

Isai Carmu, Honored Master of the Arts