…Another genre preferred by Vasile Movileanu is scenery, which reflects the painter’s journeys in Moldova or Romania, the watercolours presenting in a poetic and romantic way the country’s picturesque landscape. The watercolour spontaneity and freshness within the cycles created after finalizing his works, fit perfectly within the painter’s creation. Autumn road (1992), Scenery with river (1993), Autumn (1992), to which the painter comes back in 1999, 2001, In boat (1994), Costuleni village (2002), Houses with red roofs (2003) are sceneries, which establish some personal criteria and priorities, applied subsequently by the painter. Through various compositions, without colouristic reiterations, Vasile Movileanu confers the scenery ”portraitist” features, remaining, at the same time, romantic and poetic.
Other watercolour series are created after visiting the Danube and Nistru deltas, the medieval architecture of Sibiu and Chișinău`s historical centre. In this sense, the painter’s rustic sceneries differ from the urban ones. The Danube Delta cycle (Harbor, 1993; Boats on the Danube river, 1994; Landscape from the Danube delta, 2010) and the sceneries from Olănești (Nistru in Olănești, Morning at the Nistru river, 2007, House near Nistru, 2008) surprise with their colourful spontaneity. By contrast, the urban landscapes of Sibiu (The stairs passage, Council Tower, Sibiu, 2004) and the Chișinău urban sceneries (The old Chișinău, 2005) allow the author to combine the wet on wet and wet on dry techniques, in order to obtain clear forms, with well-delimited contours, with only a few retouches.