Vasile Movileanu student in Chisinau

In the autumn of 1974, Vasile became a student at the “Ilya Repin” School of Fine Arts, currently the College of Fine Arts “A. Lump “. The four years of studies were the basis of the creation of the watercolour painter, the graphic artist, the illustrator – Vasile Movileanu.

While still a schoolboy at the boarding school in Ialoveni, Vasile saw himself as a student. He was in the eighth grade and began to think very seriously about his future. At the boarding school, in addition to the basic subjects, the children would learn typing and accounting. But, Vasile chose to follow his dream to become a painter. A long series of searches began, he would inform himself about the institutions where he could carry out his studies, he was convinced that in order to live his dream he had to follow a thorough training.

Vasile Movileanu student

He arrived in Chisinau, with the approval of the director, where he found the art school. He started talking with the young people he met there and even went to the student dorms with them. He was very impressive. It was for the first time when he saw a student room, and various drawings were hung on the walls and he was watching them with jealousy and desire, especially when a student showed him his portfolio with the drawings gathered during the year of study. Now he was truly happy, he knew what he had to do and was preparing intensely and he was very conscious of this important step in his life.

In the summer of that year, he took three exams: drawing, painting and composition. He got a high mark for all three and so he became a student at the School of Fine Arts ”I. Repin ”, from Chisinau. He quickly fell in love with Chisinau. It seemed to him the most beautiful city, and over the years it became a place dear to his soul, and proof of this are the marvellous landscapes in his paintings with roads, people, buildings.

Vasile is a student and begins to enjoy this wonderful period of his life. There were 11 students in the group, four were living in each room, all of them were very friendly and helping each other. Here he made many friends, together they went to the cinema in the city and he would always discover interesting activities for spending his free time.  He had a close friend, Ion Lungu he was called, he always helped him, carrying his brushes, because Vasile went through crutches all his life.

He discovered his passion for watercolour. And since then he has not separated from it. He also had a nickname, his friends called him “Rîbac”. Vasile was very much loved by both the dormitory colleagues and the rest of the students. He was praised for the courage with which he often faced the obstacles of life, for his intelligence and ability to make friends and form long-lasting relationships. If in the boarding school Vasile formed his character, a true fighter, here he formed his personality, which became his business card.