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Old Chisinau

The artist manages to achieve a series of watercolours dedicated to Old Chisinau, each Watercolor in this series is a portrait of an urban, forgotten architecture. By artistic force, Vasile invigorates the architecture of the past giving it a new, artistic flow, with a chamber, slightly nostalgic interpretation.

I cherished this city and as a sign of appreciation, I decided to pay tribute through a series of works. Being attracted to the cityscape, I discovered beauty in the old town area.
In all my works dedicated to old Chisinau I ”ran” from human figures and transport, swarming everywhere, otherwise, they would have gained a reportage character. But I have emphasized the integrity and magnificence of the architectural landscape. For me it’s important to get in the image the mood of a particular place, or architectural complex, not just transpose with exactitude. Of course, if I liked a house I strive to restore the image as I would do a portrait.
In these works, I’m interested in the philosophical, poetic and historical aspects maintained in plastic configurations.

Vasile Movileanu

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The Cathedral Nativity of the Lord. Old Chisinau. 2006. Watercolor, 32 x 44 cm

Mihail Kogalniceanu street. Old Chisinau. 2007. Watercolor, 36 x 51 cm

The Alexander Puskin street. Old Chisinau. 2003. Watercolor, 31 x 47 cm

Old house. 2003. Watercolor, 31 x 47 cm

Depth. Old Chisinau. 2003. Watercolor, 315 x 470 cm

Alexandru cel bun street. 2007. Watercolor, 40 x 56 cm

Maria Cebotari street. Old Chisinau. 2003. Watercolor, 31 x 46,5 cm

Yard from old Chisinau. 2006. Watercolor, 36 x 51 cm

The Saint Friday Church. Old Chisinau. 2003. Watercolor. 26 x 40 cm

The Vasile Alecsandri street in the winter. 2003. Watercolor, 36 x 54 cm.

The Saints Constantin & Helen Church. Chisinau. 2003. Watercolor, 27 x 40 cm

The Armeneasca street. 2003. Watercolor, 45,5 x 31 cm.

Storm. Old Chisinau. 2005. Watercolor, 36 x 47 cm

Evening promenade. 2006. Watercolor, 36 x54,5 cm

Old Chisinau in the evening. 2007. Watercolor, 35 x 54 cm

Lev Tolstoi street. 2003. Watercolor, 34 x 52 cm

Late autumn. 2008. Watercolor, 44 x 32 cm.

Alexandru cel Bun street. 2007. Watercolor, 40 x 55 cm

Chisinau in construction. Watercolor.

Vasile Movileanu. Old Chisinau. Watercolor.