A brilliant watercolourist painter and illustrator, Vasile Movileanu left to posterity a large number of watercolours, illustrations, canvases and genre paintings notable for their powerful imagery and profound philosophical insight. The exalted symbolic images of his pictures are full of an inner tension.

Vasile Movileanu’s painting is possessed of a beauty, integrity and expressiveness all its own, and his colours sparkle like precious stones, reflecting both the loveliness of the universe and his own spiritual generosity.

From a common impulse of homage for the artist Vasile Movileanu, with great emotion, we launched the website www.vasilemovileanu.com
We intend to provide a source of information, inspiration and a repertoire of Vasile Movileanu’s works, we hope to keep alive the memory of the one who has enriched our soul with numerous book’s illustrations and easel graphics, who contaminated us with an overwhelming optimism, gave us courage and has proved that the impossible is possible!
We gladly urge you to discover and rediscover the creations of this Great Artist to keep alive the lamp of the immortality of his Reign.